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We're Still Alive [Oct. 2nd, 2009|03:55 pm]
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Hey Kids,

The Hotness here, bringing you tidings of good will from your favorite magazine.

I'd like to say that the reason we've neglected this blog and regular posting on Racketmag.com is that we've been busy as fuck, but then I'd be lying and liars go to hell (kidding, Mom). Really, the Emperor and I got laid off at the same time (well, he got fired, the sorry bastard), and we've been busy being lazy drains on the economy.

And thus, summer has come and gone with little to show for our immense amount of free time. But never fear, my friends, we are hard at work on some new developments, fun times, and free shit to keep you all interested. Here's the rundown of what we've got going on:

1)Yost is working closely with the MEISA (that's the Music and Entertainment Industry Student's Association) at Cal Poly Pomona on their annual conference. He's making lots of connections, scoring us some good marketing, and maybe we'll see some real results out of the deal. Stay tuned.

2)Staffer Luke Toney and Yost (he's a lazy bum, but sometimes he does get stuff done around here) are headed off to Chicago for this year's Riot Fest. If you're in the area at the time, Luke is short and scruffy, Yost is large and looking for ladies.

3)October seems to be the month of good shows- the Streets, Brand New, Get Up Kids, Our Lady Peace, the Treasure Island Music Fest in San Francisco, Spike TV's Scream Event, the previously mentioned Riot Fest... I make no promises that we'll be at all of them, but we'll try to transcend space and time to get that covered for you.

4)Kevin Smith's latest book "Shooting the Sh*t with Kevin Smith" has arrived at the Racket "office" (that's a room at Yost's house in San Dimas, folks). I have the pleasure of reading and reviewing that for you fine folks, as well as making contact with the lovely people at Titan Books and grabbing some of their latest titles for review as well- be on the look out for a review of Tank Girl's anniversary remastering and Roman Dirge's "Lenore: Noogies."

5)We're working on some more top ten lists- loads of bogus, shallow filler for the delights of readers everywhere. Check out the latest here: http://www.racketmag.com/?p=1223

Ok, so we don't really have any groundbreaking stuff for you at the moment. I'll get on that, as soon as I get Yost to get off his ass and make me some nachos.